Basic Database Administration

Basic Database Administration ( Test / Development )

  • Installation, configuration of Oracle Database Software.
  • Database Creation as per Application Requirement.
  • Day to Day space, backup monitoring using EXP/EXPDP tools.
  • User and roles basic security configuration.
  • Physical table spaces and data files layout for optimal usage.
  • Preventing/Resolving space/temp/undo thresholds overflow to assure smooth
        application performance and operations.
  • Schema / data porting from production systems to Test/ UAT.
  • Ad Hoc DB Troubleshooting/configuring Services on call.
  • Setting up connectivity between client machines and application servers/end users 
  • Consulting Services for outsourcing to Public/Private Cloud based Database servers.


Production Database Administration

Production Database Administration (8x5, 16x5 as per SLA desired)

  • Installation, configuration of Oracle DB and Software.
  • Optimal OS, DB configuration and settings for online operations.
  • Configuring OS and DB physical disks/storage for optimal performance.
  • Monitoring resources like memory, disk space, logical
       space consumption / thresholds as per SLA - immediate resolution or escalation if
       resources not adequate to sustain SLA
  • Zero unplanned Downtime ( 99.5% ) uptime using Grid Control and DBA support as
       per SLA.
  • Proactive Monitoring of DB Alerts, critical errors ORA 600/7445 etc. And raising of
       TAR with Oracle co.
  • To ensure incidences do not become problems (Downtime).
  • Clean Startup and Shutdown of Oracle Database for related activities on Storage
       reconfigure / install, OS issues etc.

On - Call Database Performance and Storage Consulting

On - Call Database Performance and Storage Consulting

    • Consulting services for on contract /on call resolution of database/setup issues.
    • Cost effective troubleshooting services for database issues.
    • Very Competitive AMC rates for remote DB infrastructure support.
    • Performance Tuning of Database.
    • Generating Workload based Statistics.
    • Optimizing Tables, Index storage for performance.
    • Identifying heavy resource consuming SQL, tuning the same for scalability and performance.
    • Studying and removal of processing bottlenecks in the system.
    • Day to day operations / scheduler jobs automation etc.
    • Installation and Troubleshooting of DR Database ( Physical Standby / Data Guard setup) as per required SLA of :
      • Maximum Performance.
      • Maximum Availability.
    • High Security configuration / DB Hardening as per Oracle Checklist for Database Hardening.
    • Setup, Configuration and operationssal support for Oracle Application Server.
    • Consulting for setting up optimal Storage / RAID configuration as per requirement using (SAN, NAS, local/remote on CLOUD based providers)

Basic IT/DC setup Consulting Services

Basic IT / DC setup ( Local/ Remote on CLOUD ) Consulting Services

  • Consulting services for complete in-house DC with options of .
  • In-house servers, Cloud based shared/private hosting for :
    • Domain controllers /active directory server
    • Mail server.
    • Database server(s).
    • Application Server.
    • Backup Server.
  • Services include: specifying server configuration and capacity.
  • Installing/procuring licenses for OS, Application Server, Mail and database servers as required and basic operations.
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