Database Management System

Web Designing & Development

It includes designing & development of various website formats like:

  •   Static & Dynamic website designing
  •   Flash and E-commerce enabled website designing
  •   Customized as well as Redesign & development of website


Business Intelligence

It refers to skills, technologies, applications and practices used to help a business acquire a better under-standing of its commercial context. It aims to enhance business decision-making. 

 BI applications provide historical, current & predictive views of business operations, with functions like statistics, analytics, data and text mining, forecasting, quality improvement and optimization all integrated within the business context for better, faster decision making.

Strategic Performance Management

It refers to how an organization leverages its assets (people, money and technology) to achieve short-, medium- and long-term strategic goals. It helps in understanding how cost and value flow through the organization and what drives or influences variation. Performance Management is a Web-based appli-cation for strategy management including the design, building & management of scorecards, dash-boards and diagrams.

Cause of traumatic arthritis

Traumatic arthritis occurs following an injury, excessive movement or physical trauma such as a penetrating wound. Sports injuries are a common cause of traumatic arthritis. This results in symptoms which are similar to those caused by most other forms of arthritis. They include pain, inflammation and a build up of fluid around the joint.

End to End Solutions

End to End Solutions improve the performance of organizations' resource planning, management control and operational control. It is a multi-module application software that integrates activities across functional departments, from product planning, purchasing, inventory control, product distribution, finance, marketing, human resource, etc. to order tracking and further. 


Database Management
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